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Mobile: 07500 662783
Office: 01722 781218
Corporate and VDU Eyecare

Complying with VDU legislation can be expensive in terms of lost manpower in addition to the cost of glasses.

Why not let RovingEye take the effort away? Inviting RovingEye to take care of your corporate eyecare needs will involve minimal disruption to your daily schedules as all of my services are carried out on site.

I carry with me all the equipment necessary to perform a complete eye examination and issue a prescription. I make appropriate recommendations regarding visual correction, be it for computer or safety glasses, or the effects of lighting and ergonomics.

I will come equipped with a varied choice of frames covering most price ranges and, when the glasses are ready, I will deliver them to your premises. Additional adjustments and follow up are also included.

Finally, I will remind you when it is time to repeat the process. I am happy to guarantee my work and to charge you a competitive price.
Mobile: 07500 662783   Office: 01722 781218